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WordClimber is the language learner's friend!

Personalize your language learning

Everything is personalized to you. Your words. Your tags. Your notes. Whether you are learning a language in the classroom, with a tutor, or in the market--WordClimber is unique to you.

Dashboard of the WordClimber language learning app

Capture new words and meanings easily

Stop jotting words down on papers that get lost or struggling with spreadsheets. Simply open WordClimber and capture new foreign words to start moving them to your usable vocabulary.

Form for adding foreign words and meanings being learned

Review words to keep them fresh

Choose between multiple choice or flash card reviews (in either language direction) to help you test your memory and move new foreign words into your usable vocabulary.

Flash card and multiple choice vocabulary reviews

Make visible progress

Seeing your word count increase from week to week is a good feeling. Stamp out your language learning blues with visible progress that makes you happy.

Word counts show language learning progress

Group words with tags

Tags make it possible to lookup a list of animals you have learned, practice your verbs, or review words from a language lesson. Add tags to group the foreign words you are learning.

Foreign language words in a word log with tags

Import and export words

WordClimber makes it easy to add a word list from another source or export your words. The import and export features give you flexibility and keep you in control of your language learning.

Foreign vocabulary import and export features

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