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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages does WordClimber work with?

You can use WordClimber with any language! Yep, even the right-to-left ones.

Is WordClimber a complete language learning curriculum?

WordClimber is a word log and vocabulary review system designed for use together with the curriculum or language learning method of your choice. If you are taking language classes, WordClimber helps you get the most out of your classes by providing you a place to collect the words you are learning from week-to-week so you can more effectively review them. Or, if you are doing the “look and listen” language learning method with a language helper, WordClimber gives a place to capture the words you are learning and continue study after your session with your language helper is over.

How does WordClimber help me track my language learning progress?

Tracking language learning progress is one of our favorite features of using WordClimber. From week to week you can see your word count increase. You can also see how you are doing with moving new words into your usable vocabulary with WordClimber’s Basecamp to Summit word acquisition stages. New words start out at Basecamp, as you successfully review them they move up through four camps (inspired by the 4 camps en route to Everest) until you have summited the word. You can watch your words progress through the camps and at a glance see how you are doing.

What foreign vocabulary review options are available?

WordClimber has two review options: multiple choice review and self graded flash card review. You can do either type of review going from foreign to native language or from native to foreign.

Can I complete vocabulary reviews offline?

Yes! Simply start a review while connected to the Internet, once it has loaded you will be able to complete the review offline. The next time you are online your review will save. Please note, offline review does not work if your web browser is in incognito mode or if there is very little free space available on your device.

Is there a WordClimber app for iPhone or Android?

WordClimber is a web app currently. We do not yet have a native iPhone or Android app. Building a web app was the fastest way to make our language learning tool available to the most people. To get the most out of WordClimber on your smartphone, we recommend saving WordClimber to your home screen for one touch access to enter words or start a review.

Is WordClimber useful for learning grammar?

WordClimber is designed for moving new words into your usable vocabulary rather than learning grammar rules. With some creativity though, you may find new ways to use the tool!

What makes WordClimber unique?

  1. WordClimber is designed for language learning. Where as most flash card apps are general purpose study tools, WordClimber is built by language learners for language learners.
  2. WordClimber works with any language. Whether you are learning Spanish, Arabic, Nepali, or Hebrew. We’ve got you covered.
  3. WordClimber handles non-roman alphabet languages just fine. We support any Unicode keyboard and if you aren’t quite ready to jump into using a foreign alphabet, you have the option of using phoneticized or Romanized word fields. Additionally, WordClimber reviews don’t require you to type responses—a difficult chore on non-roman keyboards.
  4. WordClimber lets you quickly reference your words. Whether you forgot how to spell a word, have a new word you want to work into a conversation, or need a quick reminder of what a word means, WordClimber makes it easy to lookup by word or meaning.
  5. WordClimber lets you tag words. Want to review your verbs, farm words, or lesson 12 words? Tags allow you to pull up groups of words to study together.
  6. WordClimber isn’t afraid of a big vocabulary! Other vocab review strategies start to feel disorganized at 300 words—not so with WordClimber. It is built to take you to high-level fluency (7,000+ unique words).

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