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Common Questions about WordClimber

What is WordClimber?

WordClimber is a web app for language learners who want a simple system for recording, reviewing, and referencing the vocabulary they encounter on their language journey.

How does WordClimber help me reach my language learning goal?

You risk losing new words you encounter if you don't have a plan to capture and review the words. WordClimber is your secret to recalling words others forget.

WordClimber gives you the tools you need to record a new word and it's meaning along with memory boosting details like picture, audio, and context. All of these come together in spaced recall or custom reviews aimed at moving new words into your long-term memory.

Why should I use WordClimber over other apps?

Whereas most flash card apps are general purpose study tools, WordClimber is designed specifically for language learning. You don't need to tweak templates or mess with adding custom fields. We made it ready for language learners from the start. With WordClimber you spend less time fighting technology and more time reaching your language goal.

These are some of the features that make WordClimber uniquely suited for language learners:

  • Organize words in a word log rather than decks
  • Include phonetic and/or roman spellings as needed
  • Launch bi-directional reviews (foreign to native and native to foreign)
  • Attach sentences to words for context cues
  • Attach audio and images to words for better learning
  • Keep word usage remarks
  • Group words with tags
  • Lookup words for spelling, meaning, and usage reference
  • Record audio and capture images directly from your smartphone

How do I install WordClimber on my smartphone or tablet?

WordClimber is a progressive web apps that you install on a smartphone or tablet simply by saving it to your home screen. It will look and feel just like other apps you have installed through an app store.

Can I use WordClimber to learn X language?

Yes! You can use WordClimber with any spoken language--even the right-to-left ones. Whether you are learning Spanish, Arabic, Nepali, or Hebrew. We’ve got you covered.

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